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Access Center

Instructor Responsibilities

  1. Acknowledge receipt of notetaking request and information from Notetaking Coordinator.
  2. Make an in-class announcement each class period for one week requesting the services of a volunteer notetaker.
  3. Maintain confidentiality by not identifying student directly to the class or prospective notetakers.
  4. Email names and contact information of prospective volunteers to Notetaking Coordinator
  5. Inform prospective volunteers to contact Access Center.
  6. Informs Notetaking Coordinator if no volunteers come forward during the course of the week. Note: If instructor does not announce the need for a volunteer notetaker within one week, student is to contact the Access Center.
  7. Communicates with Notetaking Coordintor, notetaker and/or student when issues with notetaking arise that relate to the classroom
  8. Discuss with student how information will be exchanged (e.g. email), if agreement has been reached for instructor to provide lecture material as an accommodation (own notes, PowerPoint's, handouts).