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Access Center

Notetaker Responsibilities

1. Identify him/herself to instructor.

2. Receive training through Access Center and Center for Civic Engagement (to track volunteer hours).

3. Read, understand and sign the Notetaker Agreement.

4. Follow all Access Center policies and procedures.

5. Expect contact from student or notetaking coordinator to arrange a meeting.

6. Meet the student or notetaking coordinator to:

a. Exchange contact information (if needed)

b. Discuss notetaking format (outline/Cornell/ etc.)

c. Discuss transmission methods:

i. Electronic (typed) or scanned (pdf) and uploaded into MyAccess

ii. Pressure sensitive paper

7. Take legible, organized notes in a manner that works for the student

8. Transmit notes within 24 hours of the class period.

9. Maintain confidentiality at all times; to not disclose volunteer role to other classmates.

10. Attend class on a consistent basis.

11. Notify Notetaking Coordinator and student when need to miss class.

a. If possible, secure notes from a fellow classmate to send to student.